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the story of the creation of rangoli

Rangoli pattern can be geometric , may include images of flowers ( especially popular lotus) , the world tree , birds, deities.

For patterning Indians commonly use chalk, colored rice flour or powders made from natural dyes .

Sometimes rangoli spread of colors

And in the patterns for the holiday of lights Diwali necessarily occur drawn or live lamps and candles

If rangoli is created in front of the temple, for him , only those substances that are considered "clean" rice, turmeric, Gula (a kind of resin ) . Powder take hands and rubbed between the thumb and forefinger , gently a thin layer between the lines. You can fill pattern and stained grains of rice , and then - to decorate the flower petals .

In modern India, rangoli technique created whole paintings, conducted by All India rangoli competitions . Sometimes it 's hard to imagine that such drawings are made with dry powder .

Unfortunately, usually rangoli patterns do not last long . After a couple of days the wind blows drawing or simply sweep .

What is the secret of the popularity of this technique ? The Indians say that is important for them not so much the design as a process of its creation. Rangoli is called " pattern - prayer " : creating it , man turns to God with your requests and gratitude.


  1. Rangoli creation is the most used decorative means on all the festivals such as Rakshabandhan, Diwali, Gangaur, etc.

  2. even i try doing different Rangoli designs every year. this year i am surely going to pick something from here. lovely designs must say! thanx for sharing


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