Friday, May 9, 2014

legends explaining the origin of Rangoli

Rangoli . Figure - Prayer .

These women in India ornaments adorn the thresholds of their houses , temples, shops, offices . It is believed that if the house is beautifully decorated , its sure to visit Lakshmi - Goddess of happiness , but that house whose owners skimped on decorations , it will bypass.

The word Rangoli is a Sanskrit origin. Kolam - Tamil name , which is common in all of South India. In Rajasthan this art is called Madana. In Bihar it - Aripana, and Alpana - Bengali name .
There are legends explaining the origin of Rangoli . Tamil legend tells of a certain goddess who wanted to get married. She did it : she captured the imagination of the elect of God , a beautiful ornament rangoli ... Since then the girls began to draw rangoli , all dedicated to the same God that he sent them a good match .

The other legend tells how a king and all his court mourned the death of the son of the chief priest. Everyone prayed to Brahma and shed bitter tears . As a result , Brahma himself appeared among the mourners and asked the king to paint a portrait of the deceased young man on the threshold of the palace. When the drawing was ready Brahma breathed life into him , and the young man was back among the living. Since then allegedly went tradition to draw on the doorstep.

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