Thursday, October 31, 2013

Portrait Rangoli Designs - 2013

Rangoli design is a traditional decorative folk art of India. Traditionally it is inspired by geometrical motifs but modern rangoli artist like kanten kanthariya from surat city has taken it further. They can make beautiful portraits of various famous personalities  in few hours using rangoli colors . Below are the pictures from artist kanten kanthariya

Watch Beautiful Rangoli Videos and Photos from Festival or Occasions.
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narendra modi

sachin tendulkar

sachin tendulkar

aishwarya rai

mother & her child

indian women

mother & her child

rajasthani man

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Time to get ready with your rangoli designs for Diwali Festival !!

Mostly Rangolis are drawn with colored powder like material and using your hand.

but there are many types of tools available in the market  that can used to make different types of rangoli designs.

Rangoli colours  are like paint while making the paintings but there physical form is different they are in dry powder form where paint colors are in paste form 

but some more tools can be used which help us make rangoli in a very quaivk time.

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Rangoli accessories

Powder Colour Rangoli

Rangoli Pen with 5 Holes

Small Box of Colour Filler  

  Rangoli Net

Friday, October 11, 2013

chota bheem rangoli

Chota Bheem ( Indian mythological cartoon character ) is playing dandiya garba ................. in the rangoli  picture shown below was  made in streets of surat today as Navratri festival is going on very creative to show dandiya in his hand .......... like our facebook page at

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

rangavali stencil deisngs

A New Video on Rangoli Designs using Stencils 

Rangoli making is made easy with the help of stencils. There are various designs available in the market. they are available in various sizes 4" , 8", 12" ,15" ,20" 

we can create multiple designs and much larger designs by combining various sizes stencils as shown in the video below

if you have less time rangoli stencils are the best tool for you to draw rangoli quickly .you can start drawing directly on the floor place it firmly on the floor. you start by sprinkling the colour for background circle as shown in the video .then place the stencil over the background circles and sprinkle the colour over the stencil using color filler box.

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