Tuesday, February 11, 2014

pigeon rescued after a great effort by fire brigade staff victim of kite flying frenzy

a pigeon injured its wing due to string of flying kites and it stuck at height where it was difficult to reach without help of fire brigade pigeon rescued after a great effort from fire brigade staff victim of kite flying frenzy in uttarayan 14th january 2014.

i don't know where it is now it was given medical treatment so it must be relieved from pain it will take long    time for it to be completely ok 

How loving., He may have been a doctor who just happened to be there with a medical bag and took it out and tenderly cut the string, put on some benzine and then antibiotic cream.  I just hope they kept the pigeon for a few weeks till it healed, as it would not be able to fly with those injuries to wing and body.  I am a pigeon rehabber so I know, he will need care till he recovers.  Such a lovely bird, so sad this happens, but I see so many string injuries to pigeons, mainly to the feet and legs and have seen pigeons with NO FEET as they were cut off or fell off after string wound tightly around feet cut off all circulation to the feet and they die and fall off, same wit, toes.  Shows you how feisty they are.  They walk around on the "stump" of their leg.  It tears me up to see it.

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