Monday, September 9, 2013

Happy Ganesh Chaturthi 2013

Ganesha- The Vighnavinayaka, or the“Remover of Obstacles”.

It comes from the word vighna, which means obstacles, hurdles or impediments. A vighna is a hard challenge that enters your life from time to time.

There are two types of vighnas: Internal and External. When we learn to remove the internal vighnas, the external ones are automatically removed. 

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to be so successful in their lives? Why everything just seems to go their way?

Well, it’s because they have worked the vighnas out of their system.

Once you remove the vighnas out of your system, you will automatically move towards success. This is Ganesha’s secret to wisdom and wealth.
·٠•●ૐ●•٠· N ҉ A ҉ M ҉ A ҉ S ҉ T ҉ E ·٠•●ૐ●•٠· 
·٠•●ૐ●•٠· N ҉ A ҉ M ҉ A ҉ S ҉ T ҉ E ·٠•●ૐ●•٠· ·٠•●ૐ●•٠· N ҉ A ҉ M ҉ A ҉ S ҉ T ҉ E ·٠•●ૐ●•٠·

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